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We are an independent multi-family office based in Singapore that integrates all family wealth requirements into one seamless service. With the focus of providing a comprehensive suite of solutions, we cater to the needs of high net worth clients with our team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Our clients are the heart of everything we do. We understand that every family is different and unique. Hence, with the trust placed in us, we are committed to building long-term relationships and helping each client achieve their long-term investment objectives and extend their legacies.

Our Services

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Family Governance

Family Governance
Succession and Legacy Planning

Succession and Legacy Planning
Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory
Luxury Concierge service, Acquisition and Management of Luxury Assets

Luxury Concierge service, Acquisition and Management of Luxury Assets
Company Administrative Service

Company Administrative Service
Immigration Service

Immigration Service

Group Prospect

MeritWise Group Public Ltd (MGPL) investment focus are in private equities and debt instruments, targeted at growing companies with high potential in:

A. Private Equities & Debts

The Company acquire controlling interests or significant interests in potential and growing companies – mainly in emerging markets such as Cambodia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia – where the Company is able to assert significant influence either by way of Board representation or other forms of minority protection rights. The objective of this investment in unlisted companies is to provide investors with access to high quality investments and high potential returns.

The Company make investments in growth companies that have a proven track record of financial and consultancy businesses. MGPL has identified these companies as providing unique risk and return characteristics with significant capital appreciation potential and competitive returns over the long-term. Part of this investment strategy will be to identify companies whose executive team has (i) an exceptional track record in servicing fiduciary companies; (ii) comprehensive knowledge of local financial rules and regulations; and (iii) the necessary skills and competencies to enhance returns.

Investments in private debts are mainly used to support the investments in private equities, i.e. provide short-term financing to the investee companies.

B. Listed Equities & Debts

The Company may acquire minority interests in globally listed equities and debt instruments. The objective of such investments is to generate income-yielding returns on a total return basis (capital and income), as well as providing liquidity in the Company’s portfolio of investments.

C. Money Market Funds

Another focus of MeritWise Group Public Ltd’s investment strategy will be in the money market, this is where financial instruments with high liquidity and short maturities are traded and is used by clients as a means for borrowing and lending in the short term, with maturities ranging from overnight to under one year.

Financial Information

Company Name
MeritWise Group Public Ltd
Stock Code
Market Type
Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd.
Industry Type
Investment holding company

Shareholders’ Meetings

The board shall in each year convene an Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Company, and such Annual General Meeting shall be held.

Stock Quote & Dividend

Subject to the laws of Mauritius, the directors have absolute discretion as to the payment of any dividends, including interim dividends, on the shares. Any dividends will be paid in accordance with the laws of Mauritius. In addition, the directors may, in their discretion, declare scrip dividends in the form of a bonus issue of additional shares in lieu of a cash dividend.

No dividend shall be declared or paid unless the board of directors are satisfied or have reasonable grounds that immediately after the dividend, the value of the company’s assets will exceed its liabilities and the company will be able to pay its debts as they fall due.

The company intends to pay dividends to shareholders. However, as the objective of the company is long-term capital growth, there may be periods in respect of which dividends may be low or not paid at all. The amount of any dividend will be at the complete discretion of the board and will depend on several factors, including expectation of future earnings, capital requirements, financial conditions, future prospects, laws relating to dividends, and other factors that the board deems relevant.

Corporate Communications

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 12 September 2018
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 12 September 2018
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 12 September 2018
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 18 September 2018
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 11 October 2018
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